Hello There!

I'm glad you found me! I'm Melanie; artist, cosplayer, seamstress, gamer, and all around dork living my best life in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. If you're wondering why I call myself Deela Designs, Deela is my middle name!

I started sewing at a young age with my grandmother and never stopped creating. One of the joys of being an artists is the ability to continually expand my skill sets with each new piece I make. My interests span across many mediums: resin art, sewing, original costume design, embroidery, quilting are just a few of my interests.


In addition to creating, I am very passionate about fostering a supportive and positive creative community. Several years ago I joined SheProp as an administrator and social media director to spotlight female, non-binary, two spirit and transgender makers in the cosplay community through live interviews and social media campaigns.

Whether I'm making a new cosplay, hosting a live interview or educational panel, sewing a quilt for a loved one or collaborating in front of a camera with my favorite photographers, you'll be sure to find me tinkering with a new technique (and probably my newest obsession).

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